Solid Rock Structural Solutions, Inc.

1501 Quail Street, Ste 150 | Newport Beach, CA 92660 | 949.418.6722

mission statement

Our purpose is to serve others. At Solid Rock, we are committed to our faith and core values by pursuing the highest standard both technically and ethically.

We recognize our clients are seeking to partner with a trusted advisor to solve their specific needs through innovative solutions.

Our creativity is the direct result of having a collaborative Solid Rock culture that respects and empowers each other.

firm profile

Solid Rock Structural Solutions, Inc. (SRSS) is located in Newport Beach, California. Solid Rock was created with a vision that would provide structural consulting engineering services to clients with an environment where structural design solutions can be generated in a truly collaborative manner.
We bring our core values of Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Teamwork and Resilience to every project, regardless of the size. We understand that each project is different and has its own set of unique parameters and, therefore, a unique structural solution. Our extensive experience in different building materials and building types allows us to work with the various team members to design a structural system that ultimately meets the needs of end users.

Areas of practice include structural engineering and consultation, design and project management assistance to architects, owners, and contractors for the design of structures. We also provide peer reviews, seismic analysis, structural evaluation of existing buildings, along with recommendations for repair and design of renovations and seismic strengthening to both contemporary and historical buildings. We provide consultation to construction contractors concerning specialized conditions of excavation shoring, foundations, and erection procedures. We have experience with different types of construction materials including, but not limited to steel, concrete (including tilt-up), masonry, wood, metal studs, panelized systems, modular systems, and fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP).

Strengths and Services

Strengths of Solid Rock include the ability to provide cost-effective design solutions based on decades of experience and an enthusiastic team of engineers.
Solid Rock provides structural engineering services for the following project use types:

  • Commercial and Retail Buildings
  • Hospital and Healthcare Facilities
  • Educational Facilities
  • Seismic Renovation and Retrofit
  • Industrial and High-Tech Facilities
  • Government and Correctional Facilities
  • Residential Buildings
  • Parking Garages

Firm Core Values



One of the keys to resilience is “Long Term Thinking” in every aspect of our business; as it relates to the profession of Structural Engineering, our people, and our clients. Developing and maintaining relationships, both personally and professionally with our clients is essential to our success.


We will strive to be industry leaders, aspire to maintain that position, and become the trusted advisors of our clients. We want to be known as the creative and innovative structural engineers.



First and foremost, we value our people. We will treat each other with respect both professionally & personally and resolve differences constructively & professionally. We are a service organization and our success is completely dependent on our clients. Serving our clients is a source of personal & professional satisfaction.


We recognize that each of us is a unique package of skills & experiences and that we are capable & motivated to improve ourselves. We are all directly involved in the work and that the best decisions are made by those that are closest to the work.


We understand that people perform best with open and honest communication and when complete information is available to them. Therefore, free and open flow of information is critical to our effectiveness. We will endeavor to create and maintaining an environment that stimulates free and open flow of information.


We trust that we are all committed to a common goal. We trust that we are all capable, but recognize when we need help and understand that there are resources available.


In our office and on our projects, we will strive toward the common goal of mutual success through selflessness and commitment to each other. We understand that the whole is stronger than the sum of the parts.


The adherence to the moral and ethical principles of our profession is imperative. We will deal honestly and fairly with each other and our clients and never knowingly breach others’ trust.